Abstracts at Essen 2011

There were several interesting abstracts due to come out at the Essen show this year, but I didn't make it there myself. I'll be filling out these notes as I get more details about the games that I missed seeing in person and add links to review as soon as I've had a chance to find and play them.

Mondriaan 2020

A simple and quick tile-laying game in which players lay modern-art styled tiles to match and extend coloured regions on the board. Has been playable online for a while, but was just recently published in a physical form.


This is an extension of last year's Scho K.O., a fast tile-layer game with chocolate graphics where players vied to create the largest connection region in their own light or dark chocolate squares. Schokoly adds a third colour of chocolate and added separate special pieces that allow or prevent the laying of a second layer of chocolate.


And several other interesting games from Nestorgames released in the run-up to Essen. Shibumi is a game system with multi-coloured balls stackable in a 4-3-2-1 pyramid, an arrangement that will be familiar with anyone who has played Gigamic's Pylos. Several games have already been created for the system.


Orginally published as Drei, this game was invented as a specifically 3-player abstract game in which players each play on two of the three available boards, choosing which of their two opponents to move against on each turn. This seems a very niche game, but I'm looking forward to seeing how it plays.

more to come as I get more information.